A cone shape, similar homes in Papua or similar Honai also custom homes in Tanjania, Africa. The roof is covered with palm leaves almost touched the ground, with a height of almost 15 m. That uniqueness Mbaru Niang traditional house in the village of Wae Rebo, Mount Pocoroko, Manggarai regency, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara – Indonesia. The traditional house with a diameter of 15 m and 5 floors in this is already scarce and stayed only a few units. The house is usually occupied by 6 to 8 families. But surprisingly, the first to discover this traditional house outsiders, a Dutch anthropologist, Catherine Allerton seeking Wae Rebo for research.

Because of its uniqueness, traditional houses Mbaru Niang got pengharhargaan of the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. A top award in the field of conservation of cultural heritage in 2012, Wae Rebo beat out competitors around the world that are not less qualified. In addition, as one candidate winning the Aga Khan for architecture in 2013.

Wae Rebo Flores Indonesia


Mbaru Niang custom house consists of five floors with the main pillars of wood Worok, wooden floor boards of the event to be used wooden beams Uwu. Roof frame of bamboo, some wood measuring 1 cm, wooden name kentil, strung together to form long bonds, natinya fastened horizontally to form a circle every floor level of the house. The construction process begins by placing the main pole (ground floor) which is incorporated into the soil around 1.50 to 2:00 meters. In order for these columns are not absolute decay, the mast is coated fibers. The ground floor shaped stage, approximately 1.20m from the ground. Then mounted floor beams so on in the same way until the last floor. Pole on each floor level is not continuous, but interrupted every floor. After every floor formed a circle, the process selanjutnta roof roof truss installation, material of bamboo. For the record, to bind balok.balok rattan used as a binder material.

WAE REBO Indonesia


As mentioned above, that the custom house Mbaru Niang has 5 floors, each level has a name and function of each.

  • The first floor is called lutur used as a place to stay and hang out with family. Lutur level divided by three, the front of the room to be together, a sort of living room. In the inner chambers are sealed using a board, and a kitchen in the middle of the house.
  • The second floor of the attic or in the form of so-called lobo function for storing food and goods of daily
  • The third floor is called lentar to store the seeds of food crops, such as corn, rice, and beans
  • The fourth floor is called Lempa rae provided for food stock in case of drought,
  • The fifth floor is called hekang code to place offerings to ancestral offerings.
    Every house there are two doors, in front, behind, as well as four small windows. Door (front door) each custom home built facing ragged. Compang is the center of the village of Wae Rebo is located at the stone circle in front of the main house. Compang is the center of activity of citizens to get closer to nature, ancestors, and the Lord.


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